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12 Jun 2014

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Today’s challenging business environment puts communication network operators under pressure to do more with less. But operators can't cut back too far—they need to stay competitive and prepare for the future. The managed operation service market is booming and becoming more mature as tier one operators increasingly outsource their network operations and maintenance (O&M) to a trusted partner as a strategy to deal with the changing market environment.

Managed operation service
Managed operation service mainly refers to communications operators outsourcing network O&M services to professional services firms to save operating costs and focus on their customers. The service can help operators streamline day-to-day or long-term network operations and maintenance for top performance and lower costs. For operators Comprehensive Managed Operation Service has following advantages:

  • Enjoy low-cost, worry-free solution care.
  • Save time and money.
  • Maximize O&M management system performance.
  • Improve business continuity.
  • Predictable maintenance costs.
  • Support future growth (or divesting) strategy.

Excellent communications equipment and network solutions provider FiberHome (China) has made great progress in the field of Comprehensive Managed Operation Service area, FiberHome has provided large-scale Comprehensive Managed Operation Services for China's major communication network operators and for international carriers as Philippines PLDT (Long Distance Telephone Company), Hindustan Petroleum(Indian)etc.

Intelligent development of Comprehensive Managed Operation service
With the rapid development of tele-communication industry(such as 3G,4G,FTTH etc.), the network maintenance becomes more and more difficult. How to better maintain the network under such situation,it is a big challenge for all carriers.

What should carriers do when facing the following problems:

In this situation operators really need an intelligent platform to improve the management, make O&M service visualization, management automation and process standardization. By adopting the FiberHome Smart Operation Maintenance tool, it can improve the O&M quality and reduce the cost.

Smart Operation Maintenance tool is an advanced independently developed tool of FiberHome, including Resource Management system,Electronic work order system and Network Data Analysis system,by the tool the control, management and monitoring of on-site maintenance can be realized easily, and intelligent resource selection and scheduling can also be realized, which can help managers objectively and efficiently to achieve the management of O&M staff resources.

Through adopting advanced technology such as intelligent terminal, 2G/3G/4G mobile networks, GPS, GIS electronic map, the system can realize paperless work, maintenance personnel positioning and tracking, control the maintenance process, which can set up an efficient and reliable maintenance management platform.

Take a module of the system (Electronic Work Order system) for example, The Electronic Work Order system can combine with intelligent terminal and GPS technology, sending work order directly to the mobile phone of a maintenance guy, the maintenance guy will go to the site of the accident immediately and take a photo of the problem site and report it by mobile phone to prove he is in the field, then the problem of the site can be solved under the guidance of technical experts in Network Management Center remotely. Detailed work flow of the system as shown below.

A successful example of FiberHome Comprehensive Managed Operation Project
The Comprehensive Managed Operation Service for Philippine operator PLDT is a successful example of FiberHome International project,the project including commission and maintaining of data and voice services, line maintenance and site inspection etc. At that time the project preparation period is very short (only one and a half months of preparation time), the implementation of the project is in high difficulty and the goal of the maintenance is demanding(The PLDT required FiberHome should be effectively improve network quality and meet the baseline requirements of KPI and SLA in a month after undertake the project), and many other challenges. After receiving the task FiberHome immediately founded a project team for planning and deployment of the project,through the joint efforts of all members of the project team and with the help of the latest Smart Operation Maintenance tool,Fiberhome completed the task assigned by the customer in a very short time,the project was very successful and had been highly recognized by customers.

The glimpse of Philippines PLDT project

In order to maintain the collaboration with operators to further enhance the professional level of network maintenance and management capacity, Fiberhome committed to build Comprehensive Managed Operation platform and knowledge sharing, and in this area continues to make strategic investments, and constantly optimize the operator's network maintenance services.

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