Qualcomm to open R&D Center in Korea

Nicole McCormick
02 Feb 2010
Daily News

US chipset giant Qualcomm will establish a new R&D center in Korea while vowing to continue its legal fight with the countries anti-trust authority.

Qualcomm said the new facility “will expand research collaborations with Korean organizations and focus on advances in next generation mobile communication technology.”

The center will be Qualcomm’s second in Asia and fourth worldwide.

Qualcomm’s senior VP of engineering, Matt Grob, said R&D projects might be undertaken in the areas of multimedia, semiconductors, display technologies and sensors.

“Qualcomm’s R&D center will leverage the expertise of Korean partners in government, academia and industry to collaborate on the next generation of mobile user solutions, with a particular focus on mobile multimedia,” Grob said.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs told local press that the firm will appeal the Fair Trade Commission's imposition of a record-high 260 billion won ($222 million) fine on the company for anti-competitive behavior.

The FTC has accused Qualcomm of charging local firms higher royalties for using chipsets from rival vendors in addition to those supplied by Qualcomm.

The FTC also alleged that Qualcomn offers rebates to firms that use its chipsets.

Jacobs said Qualcomm disagreed with the charges and vowed that the “legal process will continue.”

Qualcomm Ventures has also agreed to invest $4 million in Korean digital audio chip firm Pulsus Technologies.

This marks Qualcomm’s first investment in a local firm, with other investments to follow.

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