Radar/Wimax network interference mitigation

WiMAX Forum
21 Dec 2010

Around the world, national regulatory authorities (NRAs) have authorized the licensing and deployment of fixed and mobile broadband wireless access (BWA) services in the 3.3-3.7 GHz bands.

In many instances, licensees have adopted and deployed BWA systems based on IEEE Std 802.16, often employing profiles for this band that have been developed by the WiMAX Forum.

Meanwhile, in some cases, these bands retain incumbent radiolocation (radar) uses, either in the same administration (country) or in adjacent administrations (countries), based on the authorizing administration and international allocations.

This document denotes several techniques that could improve sharing between Wimax networks and radar systems. The adoption or adaptation and use of these techniques by Wimax network operators and/or vendors could result in greater compatibility among Wimax networks and radar systems.

This white paper originally published on the WiMAX Forum

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