Research outlines six biggest cloud misconceptions in 2012

Research outlines six biggest cloud misconceptions in 2012

Carol Ko  |   January 09, 2013
Asia Cloud Forum
4. Cloud automatically runs closer to the enterprise's location
According to Patterson the Equinix CTO, all cloud service providers at the moment, applications hosted in the cloud are not automatically distributed, and enterprises need to pick one location for its applications to live and prepare its own backup in case of failure.

"The proximity of the data center becomes very important to ensuring uninterrupted services. The data center needs to provide a flexible environment for cloud providers to host applications closer to customers in key markets -- enterprise or consumer -- with a wide choice in networks and managed service providers across its global footprint," he said.

5. Cloud is automatically reliable and redundant
The Equinix CTO Lane Patterson argues this is a common misconception. He said: "In fact, the cloud does not automatically backup nor provide a tool to automatically mirror the solution or application to another location. Hence, if there is a failure or fiber cut in/to the data center, the user will experience service outage."

Likewise, NTT Com Asia said it is wrong to view cloud solutions as being fault-tolerant or disaster-proof by default due to its redundancy nature. "Instead, enterprises should take disaster recovery into consideration when designing their cloud solutions. They should always consider the providers that can provide cloud solutions in multiple sites and/or multiple regions to further mitigate the risks of disasters," said NTT Com Asia's Man.

6. Cloud adoption makes data migration difficult
Sceptics fear that cloud solutions have proprietary encryption formats that can lock-in customers and make it difficult to migrate data in the future. This is a valid concern, but it is not specific, let alone concerns that are unique to cloud computing, according to F5 Networks.
"On-premise vendors also have proprietary formats, not to mention prohibitive migration costs and the need for specialized technical expertise, which can prevent organizations from moving to a different solution," said Linda Hui, managing director, Hong Kong and Taiwan, F5 Networks. "In fact, most quality cloud service vendors make it easy to not only access but export data as is. Companies that use cloud successfully address these concerns before choosing a vendor by doing thorough research into migration and support options.
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