RFID: you gotta hack it to secure it

01 Jul 2008

German security researchers Lukas Grunwald and Boris Wolf have founded a company called NeoCatena and are developing an RFID security tool to protect against RFID fraud and attacks.
The device, RF-Wall, sits between an RFID reader and its backend system. It detects counterfeit and cloned RFID chips and prevents an attacker from injecting malware into a backend with a rogue chip.

Grunwald and Wolf have interesting credentials - two years ago, they developed a technique for cloning RFID chips in US passports, namely to demonstrate what a "joke" RFID security was.

Paul Roberts, a security analyst with the 451 Group, told Wired's Threat Level blog that RF-Wall is a sound idea, but with an estimated retail price of at least $25,000, companies may not be willing to pay for it - at least until they or their competitors make the front pages via their smartcards or RFID tags getting hacked.

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