Rise of the software-empowered video operator II

Rise of the software-empowered video operator II


To accommodate the integration of more virtualized, cloud-based components within the deployment environment, a new wave of exciting technology innovation is happening.

The landscape is bright for best-of-breed vendors that have proven component integration points with other members of a deployment ecosystem. Single-vendor monolithic video solutions are heading towards certain obsolescence.

As the second installment to the original e-book, these chapters, authored by executives from leading technology providers, amplify key components in the overall workflow of the software-empowered video operator model. Learn more about:

  • Developing the tapestry of tomorrow's Pay-TV operator
  • Addressing market transformation with software-defined video    
  • Securing cloud-based media workflows    
  • The shift from network-specific to software-empowered video services    
  • The multimedia client: The touch point of content consumption
  • Empowering the connected operator   

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