Roaming providers join broadband alliance

06 Aug 2008

Comfone and iPass are among the latest members of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), which promotes public access across different wireless networks.

The two companies are part of 11 new members in the alliance which also include Wimax operators FREEDOM4 (UK), NOMAD (Mauritius), Unwired (Australia) and YTLE (Malaysia).

These Wimax operators also provide public WiFi services. Meanwhile, roaming providers MACH, Quiconnect, Syniverse and Verisign have also joined the alliance.

In addition, Connection Services, which provides services such as global hotspot directory has also joined WBA.

With the addition of these new members, the WBA membership has boosted significantly this year, rising from 26 to 38 member-firms.

WBA was established five years ago and aims to help end-users enjoy increased roaming opportunities globally across technologies, networks and devices.

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