SAP rolls out margin assurance solution

Staff writer
24 Mar 2016
Daily News

SAP SE launched the SAP Big Data Margin Assurance solution which makes detailed information on margins and profits available to business users.

Powered by SAP HANA, the solution provides a consolidated repository and analytics engine for fast and real-time telecommunications data. Using the solution CSPs will have increased insight into revenues, margins and costs across their operations, allowing them to transform from ARPU to average margin per user (AMPU) business models.

A central component of the SAP Big Data Margin Assurance solution is a standardized data model based on TM Forum industry standards. TM Forum provides a suite of best practices, digital toolkits and standards that are widely adopted by digital and communications service providers and global enterprises.

Stakeholders from SAP, TM Forum and the telecom industry are actively collaborating to define a Big Data model for the telecom industry that will be based in part on Big Data solutions from SAP.

"The ability to understand granular customer profitability, specifically which customers are profitable or unprofitable and why, is a game changer for our industry," said Thomas Holtmanns, Vodafone director, finance operations Germany and global margin assurance.

"SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides unprecedented levels of speed, massive processing and flexibility to query our significant data repositories. Its powerful analytics identify ways to increase margin and prevent leakage,” said Holtmanns. “This includes end-to-end client performance, outlier detection to uncover misuse or unreasonable behavior, new offer performance and what-if scenarios on proposed services changes."

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