Scientists laud China's Internet breakthrough

22 Jan 2007

(Xinhua via NewsEdge) Chinese academicians said one of the top scientific events in 2006 is the major breakthrough in next generation Internet, which can largely reduce the nation's dependence on foreign technology companies.

The annual list of 'Top Ten Scientific Events' was unveiled in Beijing, voted out by 565 scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Last September, China announced its CERNET2 (China Education and Research Network 2) network had linked 25 universities in 20 cities through the Internet Protocol version 6.

It can replace the widely-used Ipv4 network, and offers unlimited Internet addresses, more advanced security, and easier administration, experts said, calling it a progress with strategic significance by ending reliance on foreign technologies in Internet development.

The other events listed in the top-ten include the discovery of large natural gas field in southwestern Sichuan. A series of medical breakthroughs also made it to the list.

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