SEA mobile netizens are young and savvy

Enterprise Innovation Editors
27 Aug 2013
Daily News

The average Southeast Asian mobile internet user is young, employed and possesses a high spending power, a report from shows.

The Mobile Internet Consumer - Southeast Asia 2013 report, developed in conjunction with The Mobile Marketing Association, covered Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Results reveal that more than half of mobile internet users in the region are younger than 24 years, and more than a third possess graduate and postgraduate degrees

Of Southeast Asia netizens, over 70% are working professionals with a high spending power that includes frequent visits to restaurants, shopping malls and movie theatres.

The research also found that mobile internet users in the region are content- and information-hungry, often turning to mobile advertising to fulfill these needs. Consumers prefer mobile ads that provide downloadable content (55%), followed by those offering great deals (42%).

Users mostly download apps and games, followed by videos and music.

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