SeaMobile to offer faster Internet access on cruise ships

17 Sep 2007

SeaMobile has tapped Blue Coat Systems' ProxySG appliances to accelerate email traffic and Web access for passengers using Internet cafes on cruise ships.

"People expect fast Internet access wherever they go and this is certainly true on our ships," said Livio Arleo, director for Internet development and deployment at SeaMobile. "Our initial deployment shows that Blue Coat ProxySG appliances provide a dramatic increase in speed in the delivery of email and Web content while improving bandwidth usage. Acceleration, combined with optimized bandwidth, results in our ability to support more users and a significant improvement in the Internet cafe experience for passengers."

Satellite Internet access often involves high latency because the signals must travel great distances between a ground station, an orbiting satellite and a ship. High latency introduces lengthy response times for email, Web surfing and other applications compared to a land-based experience.

"Internet access or WAN over satellite is challenging because of the great distances involved and the limitations in bandwidth," said Bethany Mayer, senior vice president for worldwide marketing at Blue Coat. "SeaMobile brings the power of the Internet to the sea, and our ProxySG appliances help overcome the distance barriers to dramatically accelerate those connections and simultaneously optimize bandwidth usage."

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