Security risks foil enterprise mobility

28 May 2008

IT managers are challenged by increasing usage of consumer devices that need to be merged into corporate networks, according to a Datamonitor report.

The report cited the popularity of devices such as Apple's iPhone among employees who want to use these personal devices to handle enterprise applications.

This carries implications on security but according to the report, most IT managers are reluctant to manage these devices.

Datamonitor predicts enterprise expenditure on mobile devices will grow almost triple to an estimated $17 billion by 2012, which highlights the need for IT managers to implement policies around these devices.

Also, a Datamonitor survey of 467 respondents rated security as the greatest barrier to adoption of mobility solutions.

Enterprises should consider supporting a limited selection of devices rather than banning them outright, according to Daniel Okubo, Datamonitor technology analyst.

Regardless of device, Okubo said IT managers must have a clear policy on mobile devices, which should include at least the basic security capabilities to lock devices remotely, wipe them back to their factory setting and block certain applications being loaded.

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