Send in the quants

09 Jan 2009

Harry McCracken, writing for the Technologizer, attempted to crack one of the tech world's Rubiks Cube equivalent - comparing prices for cellphones.In his article 'The Bizarre, Misleading World of Cell Phone Prices' McCracken sought to get the final price for a Blackberry Curve from major providers AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and

McCracken came into a world of terminology that would make a World of Warcraft gamer proud: 'instant discounts', 'conditional discounts', 'instant savings'.

The regular retail prices ranged from $329.99 (AT&T) to $569.66 (Sprint).All had a mail in $100 rebate, but few let the buyer know how much actual money would be changing hands with the phone purchase. Costs assume a two-year lservice agreement. Herewith the final tally: -List price $349.99. Final price MINUS $99.99

-AT&T - List price $329.99. Final price $79.99

-Sprint - List price $569.99. Final price $99.99

-T-Mobile -List price $499.99. Final price $99.99

-Verizon - List price $429.99. Final price $99.99

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