Service provider enters vendor world

Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings
04 Mar 2014

In the telecom world, there are service providers and there are vendors, and rarely do they share the same DNA. Yesterday though the global managed service provider Epsilon launched a subsidiary named Cataleya that does just that.

Cataleya is aiming at the IP session border controller market, and more specifically at the IPX market. Basically, Epsilon needed something and couldn’t find it in the marketplace: one that would take QoS all the way to the application layer and simplify the type of intelligent networking they have in mind.

Rather than wait, they put their engineers to work and built it themselves. And then having done so, they decided it is something worth taking to the market all by itself.

Just how it will work out to have a vendor whose parent is a service provider that the vendor’s customers may compete against either directly or indirectly is unclear to me. If they prove the concept and Cataleya takes off though, I suspect they’ll either spin it off all the way or sell it to one of those vendors that they were hoping did the job in the first place. Either way they would have already shifted the market in the direction they were aiming.

Cataleya says it has kicked off trials with several interconnect and retail operators around the world, to be completed by the summer of this year.

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