Service providers reveal uncertainty over LTE, says survey

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01 Jun 2012

New research has revealed that only a third of communications service providers feel sufficiently prepared for LTE.


WeDo Technologies surveyed over 100 representatives from 47 CSPs around the world at its seventh annual Worldwide User Group in Portugal in May.


The annual customer event attracted CSPs from 33 countries, of which only 31% said they were prepared for the roll out of LTE. Further analysis found that 40% of respondents felt they weren’t as prepared for LTE as they should be while a further 27% said they hadn’t begun to make plans for a roll out.


The survey also revealed that 48% expect machine-to-machine (M2M) communications to have the most positive impact on their business over the next two years while 34% felt it would be mobile money, banking and or/payments.


“Traditional markets are becoming saturated and telecommunications providers are beginning to look at new streams of revenue to ensure financial stability for the long term. In this time of diversification, it is essential that the ‘under the cover’ components work seamlessly together so that companies can expand without negatively impacting on their profits. This is why almost 90% of attendees felt business and revenue assurance issues have become more important to the board in the last two years,” Rui Paiva, CEO at WeDo Technologies, said.


Staff writer

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