SingTels's new managed IP-VPN platform

Claudio Castelli/Ovum
16 Apr 2008

SingTel has announced the launch of its Global Delivery Platform (GDP), a managed IP-VPN platform providing full end-to-end network performance monitoring for corporate data services across multiple partners' networks.

SingTel claims to be the first global service provider to offer end-to-end visibility of applications on customers' managed IP-VPNs, although this will extend only across the networks of SingTel and its 15 operator partners.

Following the MEF certification for its business Ethernet services earlier this year, SingTel is now extending its ConnectPlus IP VPN to a broader network across multiple partners, which is another step in its strategy of using its core asset, the network, as delivery platform for multiple ICT managed services.

Most global operators are trying to differentiate themselves in the ICT arena, and are deploying their next generation networks for delivering ICT services that require high SLAs. SingTel is not an exception. The ability to control performance over a global network, including infrastructure from partners, is an important benefit for MNCs running critical business applications.

SingTel's GDP will offer end-to-end network visibility into Asian, European and US cities, through interconnections with more than 15 IP VPN service providers. In addition it plans to progressively extend this coverage to include other cities, especially hard-to-reach Asian locations, showing its intention of consolidating its position in the region by differentiating itself through better geographical coverage.

Now the challenge is how to position itself in this market without causing confusion with its customers.

SingTel can use its IT subsidiary NCS, in a combined approach, to offer a one-stop shop for complete end-to-end ICT solutions; or highlight its network as a system integrator agnostic platform to enable the best-of-breed solution to its customers. We expect that initially a combination of both approaches will occur, on a case by case basis.

A recent example of partnering was SingTel's participation in the EDS-led oneMeridian consortium, which bid successfully for the $1 billion contract to supply a Standard ICT Operating Environment (SOEasy) for Singapore's public sector agencies.

Claudio Castelli, Senior Analyst

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