SK Telecom deploys LTE Cat-M1

14 Nov 2017

SK Telecom has announced it has deployed LTE Cat-M1 technology over its network to bolster its Internet of Things capabilities.

The operator completed LTE Cat-M1 trials earlier this year and has now deployed the technology on commercial base stations in collaboration with Ericsson and Qualcomm.

The operator has also linked the LTE Cat-M1 network with its existing commercial LoRa networks to enable all data generated from IoT devices to be controlled at a single server.

SK Telecom plans to use the LTE Cat-M1 network for IoT applications requiring higher volume data transmission than the applications using the LoRa component.

Both networks can be used for a single system, the operator said, giving the example of a security and fire alarm monitoring system that might route data generated from sensors through the LoRa network but use the Cat-M1 network for transmitting photos and data for alarming or controlling devices.

“The deployment of LTE Cat-M1 is a significant achievement in the IoT ecosystem as it lays the foundation for operators to evolve our IoT networks,” SK Telecom SVP and head of network technology R&D Park Jin-hyo said.

“It has enabled us to build stronger capabilities to optimize networks in accordance with the type of IoT services, helping to create a competitive edge in delivering the hybrid network for IoT applications.”

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