SK Telecom to launch T-Store in China, Japan

Dylan Bushell-Embling
Daily News

SK Telecom is continuing its efforts to expand its T Store app store outside of Korea, arranging to list the contents on China Mobile's app store.

SK Telecom said the T Store's Android-based apps and services will be made available on a shop-within-a-shop within the Mobile Market store.

The agreement builds on SK Telecom's mobile content partnerships with Lenovo and Tencent QQ announced in November 2010.

SK Telecom also revealed plans to establish a localized version of T Store in Japan in September. The tentatively-named J Store will contain content as well as a user interface customized for the Japanese market.

In February, the operator said it intends to debut a localized version of T Store in Taiwan by June.

SK Telecom yesterday said it planned to connect the T Store platforms in Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan, allowing developers to distribute their wares across all four markets.

The company will also open a global distribution center next month that will provide help to developers looking to enter overseas markets on issues such as localization and copyright infringement.

China Mobile and SK Telecom last month signed an agreement to extend their co-operation, and later disclosed that one focus of the initiative is to develop mobile gaming content.

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