SKT, AT&T, OpenStack launch open cloud project

29 May 2018
Daily News

SK Telecom has revealed it is collaborating with US-based AT&T and the OpenStack Foundation on a new open cloud infrastructure project called Airship.

The project comprises a collection of open source tools designed to give cloud operators the ability to manage sites at every stage from creation through to all updates.

Telecoms operators, manufacturers, IT service providers and developers will be able to use these tools to predictably build and manage cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack.

The Airship project consists of eight microservice-based sub projects, including solutions for bare metal configuration management, cluster lifestyle orchestration, configuration of multiple Airship deployments, declarative host provisioning and other important tasks.

SK Telecom is mainly participating in the Armada project, which will be an orchestrator for a collection of the Helm charts used in Kubernetes packages.

As a result of collaboration with AT&T and a number of other companies SK Telecom has internally introduced the SK Telecom All Container OpenStack (TACO) platform. This platform is serving as the foundation for its various cloud deployment efforts including private cloud, big data and network virtualization projects.

SK Telecom will provide the project with the TACO All-In-One repository to allow users to try a single node deployment of containerized OpenStack on Kubernetes using Armada.

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