SKT develops FDD/TDD LTE handover tech

Staff writer
19 Sep 2012
Daily News

SK Telecom announced that it has developed a two-way handover technology that supports both FDD and TD-LTE in one device.

SKT introduced the technology at an operating committee meeting held this September in Italy. The carrier said it developed the technology with Ericsson and Altair Semiconductor.

Since mobile operators are applying different LTE modes and a growing number of operators are using both FDD LTE and TD-LTE, bidirectional LTE FDD/TDD handover technology is being focused on as a core LTE technology.

For development of the handover technology, SK Telecom, Ericsson and Altair Semiconductor created a test field around SK Telecom’s Bundang Building.

The demonstration also showed that the technology is capable of adjusting the coverage of LTE FDD and LTE TDD base stations as well as offloading traffic depending on the level of concentration in areas covered by both duplex modes, SKT said.


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