Smarter alarm clocks

16 Oct 2008

Interesting news for people whose handset now doubles for their alarm clock: researchers at Tampere University of Technology and the University of Helsinki have developed a mobile phone app that helps you wake up better.

The app - a smart alarm clock called 'HappyWakeUp' - uses the phone mike to monitor the sound of movements around 20 minutes before the official alarm time indicating that the sleeping subject is awake or almost awake. It's during those periods where people wake up more naturally and easily, as opposed to being jolted out of sleep by a blaring alarm.

According to sleep specialist Tapani Salmi, continuous use of the app helps the internal clock in your brain learn proper sleep rhythms, while a better wake-up experience lowers stress in the body and brain. The same technology could also be used to monitor a person's sleep and screen for possible sleeping disorders, Salmi says.

The HappyWakeUp alarm has already been commercialized by Smart Valley Software and is available for S60-based Nokia handsets.

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