SMS‾ I can do it in my sleep

17 Jan 2008

spending two weeks with a family in Manila

One of the family's two teenage daughters told her she sent 200 messages a day. Her secret‾ Part of it is tapping speed, of course. Here's the other part:

She texts at the dinner table, while in the car, while talking to you, while walking, etc. - you get the idea. I was using a computer in a room where she was sleeping one morning - she even txt'ed in her sleep.

FUN FACT: According to Gartner, mobile users sent 1.5 trillion SMSs, or $52 billion worth, in 2007. According to Acision, 43 billion of them were sent on New Year's Eve. Either way, Asia-Pac accounts for close to 80% of the global total. This year, says Gartner, mobile users worldwide will send 2.3 trillion texts - and Asia will again account for most of it.

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