SoftCOM - The way to reconstruct the future telecom industry

Huawei Technologies
13 Jul 2016

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SoftCOM, Huawei’s strategy for network architecture for the coming decade, is a revolutionary vision that leverages cloud computing, software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), and internet-based operations to streamline the networks of telecommunications operators and maximize information technology (IT) resources. The services, efficiencies and overall operations of the telecom industry will be dramatically improved due to the reconstructing of the architecture of networks to become defined by software and not hardware. SoftCOM will help telcos to embrace the strategic opportunities of the information age and effectively manage the challenges brought about by the structural limitations of existing networks.

Architecture reconstruction: Establishing a DC-centered ICT architecture

In the information age service provisioning, data exchange, and business activities will all become digitized, data centers will be responsible for service processing and business transactions in addition to information storage, processing, and exchange. They will become "the telephone switchboard in the digital era" and the core of ICT infrastructure as future network planning and construction will be based on DCs in order to adapt to service development and traffic scheduling.

Network reconstruction: Realizing flexible and intelligent network/product architecture through SDN and NFV

Upon separating the control and forwarding planes and virtualizing network resources through SDN/NFV, the network can be managed in a more unified and global manner to ensure better network resource scheduling, higher efficiency, and simpler software upgrade. In addition, the network can deliver better user experience and realize higher utilization through centralized routing and traffic control, laying the foundation for service quality-based traffic monetization. Network devices will no longer depend on a specific piece of hardware so network elements (NEs) can share a unified hardware platform.

Service reconstruction: Taking advantage of the transformation brought by the cloud

As a new business model and concept, cloud services have presented the telecom industry with a tremendous strategic opportunity and a new channel for revenue worth trillions of dollars. With the increase in bandwidth of global networks and maturity of cloud computing technologies, companies will gradually replace their data centers with ICT cloud services from telcos in the next thirty years. Enterprises will need ICT infrastructure to support their cloud services in this transformation.

Operation reconstruction: Transforming the business model from internal control into one serving users through an "All-online", On-demand automation and intelligence, and Internet-based operation.

Telcos should adopt Internet-based operations to allow users to obtain services on demand and should go All-online to support On-demand services for users. But this should not stop here, as user-oriented online operation should drive the re-engineering of the internal business processes to realize an all intelligent, automated, and connected business operation. Big data analytics enables precise marketing by allowing operators to delve into customer demands, increasing productivity by dozens of times and structurally reducing opex.

Huawei believes that the future of network evolution lies in providing operators with simple approaches to respond to rapid industry changes. On the road to simplicity, Huawei's SoftCOM strategy is committed to helping operators establish system-wide network architecture, confronting business challenges and technical challenges with simplicity.

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