Sri Lanka Telecom taps NetCracker for billing and mediation upgrade

Staff writer
26 Jun 2014
Industry news

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has selected its longstanding partner NetCracker Technology to upgrade the company’s billing and mediation system.

Under the transformation project, NEC subsidiary NetCracker will upgrade SLT to its Digital Business Platform that comprises next-generation rating, charging, billing and mediation components. SLT’s existing solutions are pre-acquisition versions of NetCracker’s billing and mediation solutions.

The vendor will also consolidate SLT’s two existing NetCracker mediation systems onto its Active Mediation platform. As a result, SLT will be able to introduce a range of new pricing, rating and billing configurations that address emerging digital business models. It also will allow SLT to meet the growing demand for transactional digital services and the need for personalized customer experience.

At the same time the new solution will be integrated with a number of SLT’s existing BSS systems to create seamless, end-to-end revenue management processes and strengthen SLT’s go-to-market capabilities for new services and bundles as well custom enterprise and wholesale agreements, NetCracker Technology said.


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