StarHub sees ROI on smartphone subsidies

Melissa Chua
05 May 2011
Fixed network revenue increased 5% to S$84 million year-on-year, with data and Internet services contributing 84% to the fixed network revenue mix. Voice services revenue totaled S$13 million for the quarter due to higher subscription of local services and increased interconnection revenue from international carriers.
Montefiore said roaming revenue was expected to remain stable in light of lowered voice and text roaming rates to Malaysia. “We’re hoping an increase in total roaming volume will mitigate the impact of lower rates.”
Montefiore admitted the carrier had experienced rollout hiccups for Singapore’s next-generation broadband network (NGNBN).
“Interaction with building owners has not been as good as it could have been, and we’ve been disappointed with the delay in access. The corporate market for NGNBN should be looking more attractive toward the end of this year.”


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