Stop going it alone

21 Jan 2011

Service providers today have little choice but to invest in the customer experience. Customer loyalty is no longer an option, and the combination of rising customer expectations and convergent competition put a premium on a positive customer experience across all channels at every stage of the relationship.

Making this happen, of course, is no simple task. Success rests heavily on the right systems, processes, governance, and continuous improvement.

Typically, service providers attempt to meet the challenge with a combination of in-house resources and point solutions from different vendors. It’s understandable, but the results often fall short.

Working with a managed service partner provides a compelling alternative. Although cost control has dominated the managed services discussion, a growing number of service providers have begun to view managed services partnerships as opportunities to enhance the customer experience as well.

Indeed, service providers that work effectively with the right managed services partner can generate substantial benefits around the customer experience. Choosing the right partner, however, makes all the difference.

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