Strapless iPhones

27 Nov 2007

What Japan Thinks

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Take this recent poll from goo Research, which found that 54 percent of mobile phone users have at least one phone strap attached to their handset. Around 26 percent have two straps. The rest have anywhere from three to five straps on their phone.

Why does this matter‾ Because physical personalization matters in Asia, whether it's cute phone straps from StrapYa or manicure shops in Thailand that bling your PDA.

Which is why this sentence from Ken caught my eye:

Also note that the iPhone doesn't have a eyelet to allow you to attach kawaii Japanese mobile phone straps to it, a mistake I think they must rectify to make it a success in Japan.

Are you getting all of this, Steve‾

FULL DISCLOSURE: What Japan Thinks earns revenue when you buy stuff from StrapYa. Just so you know.

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