Streaming content propels demand for Wi-Fi

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31 Jul 2015
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Nearly two-thirds (63%) of global consumers have issues with Wi-Fi at home, a likely consequence of the growing number of connected media devices and a tremendous opportunity for service providers to improve connectivity issues.

According to the 2015 Arris Consumer Entertainment Index (CEI), the average household worldwide has six media devices connected to its Wi-Fi network, spending almost 6.5 hours each week streaming a subscription service.

Moreover, four out of five (81%) of those who stream now do so at least weekly, up from 72% just last year.

There is a clear connection between Wi-Fi and mobile TV too, with nearly three-quarters (73%) of people who watch mobile TV at least once a week, using Wi-Fi to do so.

According to Arris, these trends are a likely culprit of the internet issues that nearly two-thirds (63%) of global consumers experience, as well as their renewed interest in high-speed internet in every room of the house – a service that 72% indicated was either very important or vitally important.

The research underscores new qualifications for the rise of both mobile TV and binge-viewing. While the popularity of mobile TV continues to increase—more than half (59%) of consumers are now watching TV on-the-go—the potential for growth is greatest in older demographics, where barriers of inconvenience and cost continue to challenge broader market adoption.

Meanwhile, binge-viewing has evolved into a very personal and solitary activity for 60% of binge-viewing consumers.

Good-quality Wi-Fi has become a necessity in homes, with 72% of consumers consider a high-speed Internet connection in every room of their house either vitally important or very important.

Also, more than half (54%) state that it is vitally important to have high-speed Wi-Fi that works outside of its current range.

More than half (59%) of all people now watch mobile TV, rising to 72% of 16-24 year-olds. However, while young people watch the most mobile TV, there has been no increase in the number of viewers.

For 65+ year-old consumers, the number of mobile TV viewers has increased by a remarkable 11%, up from 19% last year.

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