A study on 5G V2X deployment

09 Apr 2018

Although the key technology enablers for 5G Vehicle-to-anything (V2X) communication are meanwhile well-understood in the cellular community and standardization of 3GPP Rel. 16

V2X is about to start, there is still lack on insights into the required rollout investments, business models and expected profit for future Intelligent Transportation Services (ITS). It is foreseen that these advanced services, including HD maps, platooning, highway chauffeur, teleoperated driving, highly and ultimately fully autonomous driving, will be enabled through next-generation 5G vehicular networks, starting with 3GPP Rel. 16 New Radio (NR).

This white paper is a first outcome of the 5G-PPP Automotive working group and has the objective to trigger discussions and provide first insights into the deployment costs for 5G V2X and revenue analysis for financially and socially beneficial commercialization. The modelling framework for cost and revenue analysis is generic and is exemplarily applied for highways. It is further pointed out that advanced driving solutions will be most likely first applied on highways, as these scenarios are easier to handle, users’ mobility behaviour is more predictable and the technical solutions less complex

This white paper originally posted on 5GPP website

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