Study cites OpenStack adoption, concerns in 2016

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16 Mar 2016
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The open source cloud computing project, OpenStack, has come a long way since NASA and Rackspace first launched it in 2010.

However, with all of its recent successes, there are still questions and debates that surround OpenStack that are worth answering, according to a report from Talligent.

Talligent, a provider of cost and capacity management solutions for OpenStack and hybrid clouds, showed the findings in the result of its inaugural “2016 State of OpenStack Report,” an independent survey focused on identifying the key use cases, barriers and what’s driving OpenStack adoption.

Commissioned by Talligent through media firms CloudCow and VMblog, the 2016 State of OpenStack Report surveyed 647 virtualization and cloud IT professionals and executives from across the globe.

The survey found respondents in varying stages of familiarity with the cloud technology ranging from those currently using it to support projects or production workloads (30%), evaluating it (32%) or familiar with it but not yet implementing the technology (36%).

But once in place, respondents stated they expect to quickly expand beyond development environments, with lab growth moving from 43% to 89% and QA/Test to grow from 47% to 91%, both within the next 12 months.

The survey results also show that the top drivers for OpenStack adoption include respondent perception that public cloud costs are still too high (61%) and that there is a desire for using OpenStack clouds to improve responsiveness for IT service delivery (59%).

Other key findings include 61% of survey respondents are adopting OpenStack to combat the expense of public cloud alternatives.

Security model (26%) and lack of Operational tools (23%) were the top challenges facing OpenStack, the survey said.

The survey also said private clouds will not be replaced by public clouds anytime soon, as 54% of respondents still expect their cloud use to be all or mostly private within the next 5 years.

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