Study: Most tablets to have high-speed modems in 2015

Staff writer
20 May 2011

By 2015, tablets will have the highest 3G/4G attach rate among all cellular-enabled portable and computing devices with 78% of tablets shipping with a 3G/4G modem, according to a new report.

A report from In-Stat further said consumers of portable and computing devices require constant connectivity in order to access the Internet, engage in social networking, and share multimedia content. In fact, this consistent connected experience is imperative in today’s digital lifestyle.

The report suggests that this trend represents an opportunity for mobile operators to move beyond the maturing handset market and into connecting emerging wireless device markets, like e-readers and tablets.

“The emerging tablet market represents one of the strongest opportunities for embedded 3G/4G technology,” said Stephanie Ethier, senior analyst at Gartner. “Cellular connectivity will also continue to find its way into e-readers, as well. By 2015, 65% of e-readers worldwide will ship with an embedded 3G/4G modem.”

In-Stat’s latest research covers the market for non-traditional cellular-connected devices, and includes forecasts for tablets, e-readers, portable navigation devices (PNDs), and digital photo frames.

The report further said approximately 16 million portable and computing devices shipped with 3G/4G cellular connectivity in 2010 and over 50% of all 3G/4G tablets in 2015 will have LTE WAN connectivity.

By 2015, 52% of cellular-connected portable and computing devices in Asia will be GSM devices. The Asia/Pacific region will experience the highest sustainable growth rate among 3G/4G portable and computing devices throughout the forecast period.

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