Subsea cablecos rush to repair damage

Melissa Chua
16 Mar 2011
Daily News
This information comes to light in addition to earlier reports on damage to the APCN2.
Operators in Singapore said normal service levels had been restored over the weekend.
Leong Peng Ham, Starhub’s vice president of integrated network engineering, told Telecom Asia that the firm was one of many operators affected by damage to the undersea cables. “We have successfully diverted the affected Internet traffic to other submarine cable systems in less than 24 hours, with Internet connectivity to overseas websites generally returning to normal levels since last Saturday afternoon,” Leong said.
A SingTel spokesperson revealed no SingTel infrastructure of equipment had been destroyed or impacted by the disaster. “The small percentage of Internet traffic flow that was affected by the earthquake was restored within 12 hours via alternate cable systems,” the spokesperson said.

Updated 16 March 2011, 6.00pm, GMT +8: Details on Telstra International's traffic diversions