Systemic approach to end-to-end

Systemic approach to end-to-end

Staff Writer  |   December 21, 2010
Telecom Asia

Best Network Infrastructure Provider of the Year, Core Network Vendor of the Year, Carrier Ethernet Vendor of the Year: Cisco Systems

Jeff White, Cisco's VP for the Asia Pacific service provider businessJeff White, Cisco's VP for the Asia Pacific service provider business, discusses the company's highlights over the past year.

The three biggest highlights would be the launch of the Cisco CRS-3 carrier routing system, the completion of the industry's first Mobile Megatest and the announcement of the Cisco Packet Transport System, the first packet optical transport system (P-OTS) based on MPLS-TP technology.

CRS-3 brings new scale to the core, at 322 Tbps in a multi-chassis configuration. The Mobile Megatest, performed by EANTC, combined 2G, 3G and LTE on a single network, including mobile backhaul, network core, mobile packet core and mobile data center. Carrier packet transport will help service providers evolve from SDH-based transport to packet while maintaining support for existing services and ensuring adherence to a standards-based solution. 
What are the key trends that have supported your growth?

Clearly the two most important trends have been the growth in video, as shown in Cisco's Visual Networking Index, and the explosion of smartphone and mobile internet usage.

Video and collaboration is driving the need for many network infrastructure upgrades and build-outs - our forecast is that by 2014 total traffic will exceed three-quarters of a zettabyte, with 91% of that being video. Faster mobile internet is a service that customers are willing to buy, even in the face of a tough global economy. 


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