Data: telcos' big bomb vs OTT players

Mobile phone operators can no longer depend on the revenue from SMS text messaging. Margins are being impacted by “chat-apps” from over-the-top (OTT) providers like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber, which entice customers to their services with free deals and unlimited talk times.
Globally, more than 19.1 billion messages were sent daily using chat apps in 2012, as compared to 17.6 billion SMS messages in the same year, according to research firm Informa.
Tektronix Communications
Mike Ropicky

OTT players to offer bundled content

The media and telecom industries are seeing a phenomenal shift in video/TV viewing habits and consumers are demanding smaller bundles of content, so expect to see the OTT players start to offer bundles.
Speaking at Broadband Asia in Singapore last week, Samsung Asia VP of content and services Nicholas Wodtke said a fundamental shift in viewing patterns is “happening today and we have to stand up and pay attention to it”.
While there’s been a good bit of talk about the cord cutt
Joseph Waring

China Mobile feels OTT squeeze in Q1

China Mobile revealed its profit for the first quarter fell 9.4% to its lowest point in five years, blaming heightened competition and the impact of OTT services on its core telecom business.
Revenue grew 7.8% to 154.8 billion yuan ($24.8 billion), but profit declined to 25.24 billion yuan, the operator's unaudited first quarter results show.
The report states that during the quarter, China Mobile “experienced severe challenges in its op
Dylan Bushell-Embling

Industry initiative tackles cloud fragmentation

The CloudEthernet Forum (CEF) and the Metro Ethernet Forum have created the CEF ‘Open Cloud Project.’ The Open Cloud Project will focus on creating an open test and iterative standards development program for service providers, industry vendors and OTT cloud service providers.
The Open Cloud Project includes a dedicated proof of concept test laboratory based in Silicon Valley, to provide ongoing testing and support for the iterative development of the CEF’s CloudE 1.0 open cloud environment.
Networks Asia staff
Networks Asia

SingTel should appeal to OTT players, not regulators

At Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, SingTel CEO Chua Sock Koong was reported as “call[ing] on Australian regulators to give carriers like Optus the right to charge rivals WhatsApp and Skype for use of their networks or risk a major decline in network investment.”
With the telecommunications industry unable to monetize over-the-top (OTT) traffic, telcos will struggle to find the funding they need to improve t
Clement Teo/Forrester Research

Telcos to lose $386b from OTT VoIP: Ovum

Telecom operators will lose $386 billion between 2012 and 2018 from customers using OTT VoIP solutions such as Skype and Microsoft Lync, according to Ovum.
The analyst firm said these losses will mostly come from international call revenues, including roaming.
Ovum forecasts show that the consumer OTT VoIP market is thriving, with traffic expected to grow by a CAGR of 20% between 2012 and 2018, and to reach 1.7 trillion minutes in 2018.
This growth is being driven by improvements in the availability and speed of broadband n
Enterprise Innovation
Enterprise Innovation editors

MWC2014: Whatsapp to launch voice in Q2

WhatsappCEO Jan Koum announced during his presentation yesterday that the company will launch voice services in Q2, staring with Android and iOS versions, followed by Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
He said: “We think we have the best voice product out there. We use the least amount of bandwidth and we optimize the hell out of it. The same values that made our messaging the leading messaging platform in the world will be applied to voice.
Joseph Waring

Uncovering actionable intelligence

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TA Feb-Mar 2014
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Tektronix Communications VP for APAC Mike Ropicky explains how insight into users' behavior patterns can help telcos identify new revenue opportunities
Telecom Asia: Why are telcos now helping the OTT players, which not long ago were considered the "enemy", improve the quality of their services?
Ropicky: Every operator I speak to is keen to ensure its customers have great mobile experiences whe
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Cellco-OTT battle far from over

OTT voice and messaging services may be gaining ground at the expense of traditional mobile operators, but cellcos still have a chance to win over consumers with superior services, a new survey suggests.
The survey, conducted by YouGov for OpenCloud, indicates that 60% of consumers remain open-minded about whether OTT providers or mobile operators can deliver the superior voice and video chat services.
Those that have an opinion skew in favor of the mobile operator, with 70% believ
Dylan Bushell-Embling


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