What a difference a week makes. A week ago, Samsung’s patent win over Apple was vetoed by the Obama administration amidst cries of protectionism from the South Koreans. Today, another ban looms with the tables reversed with Apple winning in the ITC and Samsung facing a ban.

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The Obama administration has vetoed a US ITC decision ordering an import ban on some older iPhone and iPad models, citing concerns over the potential impact on competition.
US trade representative Michael Froman has overturned the ITC's decision.

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Samsung’s second quarter performance may have disappointed analysts, but it may have been enough to become the world’s most profitable smartphone vendor during the quarter.
Analysts with Strategy Analytics claim Samsung took the honors from Apple in 2Q, with an estimated profit of $5.2 billion at its handset business, compared to $4.6 billion operating p

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Samsung has claimed the number one spot in the Campaign Asia-Pacific 2013 Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands report.
It marks the second consecutive year that Samsung has clinched the top spot. The top five was rounded out by Apple, Sony, Nestlé and Panasonic respectively.

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Pity giant Samsung. It put in a slightly weaker guidance late last week and took a hammering in the market (losing $6.5 billion in market cap) for backing off an earlier estimated operating profit for Q2 of at least 10 trillion won.

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Forget about 4G. That's old news. The real story is 5G. And it is coming.

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Only two companies, Samsung and Apple, can make significant money in the smartphone market.  Many companies have seen it as an attractive market, but are we coming to a new era, where smartphones are no longer an attractive market and companies focus on

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LTE-Advanced is only just arriving, but Samsung is already claiming to have made a preliminary “5G” breakthrough, achieving transmission speeds of 1Gbps over millimeter-wave bands.

The companyannounced it had developed adaptive transceiver array technology capable of operating in the Ka bands.

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Samsung boosted its global smartphone market share to one-third in the first quarter as iPhone's magic faded, and the Korean company confirmed a 42% year-on-year leap in its quarterly profits.

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Samsung forecasts its 1Q13 operating profit will be up by at least 3 trillion won ($2.65 billion) year-on-year, and broadly flat sequentially.
The South Korean consumer electronics giant

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