Taiwan has APAC's highest smartphone penetration

Daily News

Taiwan has the highest smartphone penetration in Asia-Pacific, and the second highest in the world, according to estimates from eMarketer.

Taiwan is expected to end 2017 with a smartphone penetration of 75.8%, behind only Denmark (77.3%).

In Asia-Pacific, Taiwan is followed by Singapore (5th globally with 73% penetration), South Korea (6th globally with 72.2% penetration) and Hong Kong (7th globally with 71.8% penetration).

The other APAC markets in the top 25 are New Zealand (11th globally with 68.3% penetration), Australia (12th globally with 68% penetration) and Malaysia (20th globally with 59.9% penetration.

But it is India and Vietnam that are expected to have seen the biggest surges in smartphone adoption both in Asia-Pacific and worldwide, with each country's user base projected to have expanded by nearly 20%.

Globally, eMarketer expects that by the end of the year smartphone penetration will reach 32.3% - representing 2.39 billion people – and for this to increase to 40% by the end of 2021.

The company noted that in the 10 years since the first iPhone hit the market, smartphones have morphed from being an expensive, niche item for early adopters to a commodity device that is quickly surpassing desktops as the primary means of accessing the internet.

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