Targeting Indian consumers

Peter Ryan/Ovum
19 Aug 2010

While historically the bulk of attention has been paid to India’s status as an offshore contact center giant, most recently enterprises have noted the commercial possibilities associated with onshore domestic CRM outsourcing designed to service Indian end-users.

Call center vendors are seeing surging activity in the rapidly-growing onshore market in India. India’s domestic growth in CRM outsourcing is expected to drastically eclipse that of offshore over the coming 5 years.

Much of this expansion comes due to the increase in the size of India’s middle class, which is driving consumption of non-essential goods and services.

This in turn is forcing enterprises to look to outsourcers in order to help maintain margin levels and customer service quality.

The Indian consumer is no different to that of North America, Western Europe or Australia. They are becoming much more conscious of service levels that they receive, and are willing to change vendors if interactions are not optimal.

Enterprises in India are aware of this fact, and are working with CRM outsourcers as a means delivering high quality service without taking on increased overhead costs.

As the total size of the consumer class increases, India will take on an increasingly vital role in the global telecom sector.

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