Tata connects into Aust with Pipe deal

Robert Clark
09 Oct 2009

Tata Communications has extended its network into Australia with a deal with Pipe Networks’ PPC-1 cable system.

It has also boosted its Pacific network by building a terrestrial fiber link across Guam that allows its to connect directly into the China-US and AAG cables.

Ariane Moyes, vice-president of global transmission services, said the connection to Sydney via the 1.92Tbps PPC-1 gave it the ability to deliver IP, Ethernet and private line services.

She said the carrier was not in alliance with Brisbane-based Pipe, but the two companies were working closely together.

“It brings a new entrant into the market which we think is pretty good,” she told telecomasia.net.

Tata has added resilience by on the TGN Pacific network with by cross-connecting between Guam’s two cable stations.

The 20-kilometer WDM link between Tata’s landing station at Piti and the Tanguisson station enables it to connect directly into the China-US, AAG and Guam-Phlippines systems.

The new link goes live later this month, said Moyes. “You can pretty much connect to any other cable in the world,” she said.

Separately, Tata expects to complete the Euro-Asia cable by next February and extend the TGN Intra-Asia system into Vietnam.

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