Technology vision 2020: personalizing the network experience

Nokia Networks
24 Feb 2015

Today’s networks are mostly a case of “one size fits all”. Exponential traffic growth is not matched by revenue growth. High average revenue per user (ARPU) subscribers churn due to poor network experience. All traffic, whether high or low value, is treated equally.

By “Personalizing the Network Experience” mobile operators can solve their major optimization problem - aligning resources, revenues and experience. To do this, a telco-scale system is vital to enable all signaling data across the network to be captured in real-time, and then correlated with customer and business data to allow immediate action.

This white paper explores how Nokia is running several innovation projects to realize the personalized network experience, and how a telco-scale system would enable the network to accurately predict what will happen next and then act on these predictions, even down to the level of an individual connection.

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