Teenage riot

28 Aug 2007


unlock an iPhone with a soldering iron

ITEM: Tom Wood, a 16-year-old from Melbourne, cracks the Australian govt's "NetAlert" Web filters in about 30 minutes.

Do you see a pattern here‾

Lesson: teenagers with technology are dangerous because they're smarter than the grown-ups trying to control them. Or something like that.

For the record, I love how Tom Wood explained his actions:

'I downloaded it on Tuesday to see how good it was, because for 84 million dollars (69 million US), I would have expected a pretty unbreakable filter,' he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 'Tried a few things, it took about half an hour and (it) was completely useless.'

I also like the fact that George Hotz traded one of his hacked iPhones for a Nissan 350Z.


I mean, cheeky monkeys. Bad monkeys! Naughty monkeys!

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