Telco CEM Asia 2015

22 Oct 2015

Service providers around the world are focused on Customer Experience Management (CEM) – the delta between what a customer expects and what a service provider can deliver over the lifetime of the relationship. Whereas the customer relationship was once only measured at points of human interaction (stores, call centers, home visit…), today service providers have a wealth of tools available to them to better understand manage that relationship. That includes the ability to extract information from almost every customer touch-point throughout the customer journey, enabling them to position how they want a customer to experience their brand, products and service from first awareness to termination. The trick, however, is how to leverage that information efficiently and effectively across the different silos in the organization in order to engage and serve the customer with a WOW! factor thus avoiding churn.

Telco CEM Asia 2015 will be held as a roadshow, stopping in Manila (Oct 20) and Jakarta (Oct 22), enabling maximum participation, interaction and mind sharing, and giving our delegates a chance for broader engagement and knowledge transfer across the many silos in which CEM reside. The forum will also include case studies featuring expert insight on customer retention, improving employee engagement and delivering a best-in-class network experience.

Click here for more information about the roadshow in Jarkata

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