Telecom Asia Awards 2018: Service excellence starts with a smile

Telecom Asia staff writer
13 Aug 2018
Best Customer Service

Celcom Axiata

Smiles helped Celcom Axiata improve customer experience and win the Best Customer Service award.

It begins with putting frontline staff in the shoes of the customers. “Everything else follows from there,” said Rene Werner, chief service and experience officer, Celcom Axiata.

Celcom Axiata is going beyond numbers to improve its customer service.

“In our context, we say ‘We want to create smiles’. Objectives like ‘Call Handling Time’ or ‘SLAs’ are usually flawed if you do not tie them to what you want to achieve with the customer,” said Werner.

Technology plays a major role in helping to drive customer service--but to a point. “Technology in this context is only an enabler rather than a self-serving purpose,” Werner added.

This article first appeared on Telecom Asia December July 2018 Edition

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