Telecom Asia Awards 2018: Using localization to win a global audience

Telecom Asia staff writer
13 Aug 2018
Best OTT Video Service


Iflix is unafraid of giants. While companies like Netflix compete for viewership with local cable TV incumbents, the VOD company is taking a different tact.

The Malaysia-headquartered company, which offers a digital hosting and distribution platform for over 150 studios and content providers, has a two-prong strategy.

The company knew localization was crucial. So, it hosted on first-run local movies and original programming, supported home-grown projects and talents, and focused on dubbing and subtitling. It also tackled piracy by being more better, safer and more convenient service that respected local cultural and religious standards.

The strategy worked, attracting more than 6.5 million subscribers, as of December 2017, and helping it to win the Best OTT Video Service award.

This article first appeared on Telecom Asia December July 2018 Edition

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