Telecom Asia Awards 2018: Weathering MSDs with a unique ULL service

Telecom Asia staff writer
13 Aug 2018
Most Innovative Telecom Project

Project Remedy (Optus)

Optus had a customer experience concern. It wanted to keep its fixed unbundled local loop (ULL) network users tethered when mass service disruptions (MSDs) occurred. With a limited number of technicians are available and a short timeframe to fix resulting faults, the company looked for a better way.

The answer: Project Remedy. It rolled out a new Optus Internet Assistance Kit that kept customers connected during MSDs using a pre-paid Optus Mobile Broadband solution with more data and longer expiry times. A moderated “Yes” crowd page offered a lifeline for those affected.

The result: The repeat call rate dropped from 35.6% to 14%, NPS increased by 60%, issue resolution improved by 300%, and the Most Innovative Telecom Project award.

This article first appeared on Telecom Asia December July 2018 Edition

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