Telin extends CDN partnership with Conversant

Indonesia's Telin has extended its partnership with Conversant Solutions and system integration partners Graha Fatta involving the delivery of CDN services to enterprise customers.

The companies have entered into a multi-year contract renewal to allow Telin to integrate enhanced CDN solution into its enterprise solutions portfolio for customers in Indonesia and the wider Asian region.

To support growing demand for traffic, Telin and Conversant have increased the CDN capacity and enhanced the hardware infrastructure covering Indonesia's major cities.

“For the CDN business, we see many opportunities in the creative industry which is increasing every year,” Telin CMO Budi Satria said.

“Here it should be noticed that the creative industries have the specific requirements which must be able to be fulfilled with CDN services that we have. Since 2013, we have intensively dedicated resources to enhance the performance, reliability and scalability for our customers' websites and web-based applications. It is a credential for us to be able to continue to oversee and grow the business.”

“With this extended partnership, we are delighted to be the trusted partners of Telin in providing Cloud CDN services to its ever-growing customer base covering both enterprises and government bodies. We hope to bring the growth in Cloud Services adoption in Indonesia to the next level,” added Conversant CEO Cheong Kong Wai.

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