Telkom to tip $62.3m into enterprise segment

Dylan Bushell-Embling
23 Feb 2015
Daily News

Indonesia's PT Telkom has committed to investing around 800 billion rupiah ($62.3 million) this year to develop its enterprise services presence.
The state-owned operator has increased its annual budget for enterprise and SME services by around 100 billion rupiah, the Jakarta Post reported.

Telkom has an annual capex budget of 20-25 trillion rupiah and its enterprise spending will come out of this allocation.

With the investment, Telkom aims to address the growing demand for IT services in Indonesia. The operator hopes to outperform the anticipated growth in the national IT market, which is projected to be around 7-8% in the enterprise segment and 10-11% for the SME segment.

Connectivity typically accounts for 60-65% of total IT services demand in Indonesia, while network applications and services (NAS) and other maintenance services make up the reminder.

Telkom will focus its growth ambitions on the government, tourism, smart city and maritime logistics sectors.

The operator entered a partnership with Australia's Telstra last year to jointly offer NAS in Indonesia. Telkom also has a 49% stake in a maritime logistics joint venture, PT Indonesia Logistic Community System.

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