Teradata deploys SpecialOps IoT analytics team

Staff writer
27 Apr 2016
Daily News

Teradata has formed a Global IoT Analytics unit within Teradata Labs, based in US, UK and India and focused on developing innovations to derive the greatest value from the Analytics of Things (AoT).

The special-ops team of data scientists, data engineers and software designers are tasked with building new, cloud-based analytic solutions and services to simplify advanced analytics, data movement and database management for the Internet of Things.

"We are making it easier for our customers to move sensor data around, optimize data management systems to deal with the massive volumes of data, and run real-time, advanced analytics against streams of IoT data," said Oliver Ratzesberger, president of Teradata Labs. “We're giving our customers powerful tools and technologies to analyze IoT data for new insights, applications and use cases."

Also, Saudi Telecom has selected the Teradata Aster Big Data Analytics Appliance as well as Teradata Hadoop to leverage customer insights and drive business efficiency.

In aiming to better understand its customers, STC deployed Teradata Aster, Teradata Hadoop appliance to capture and analyze social media data, as well as to manage and collect customer feedback data.

The Teradata Aster solution promises to improve business decision-making by increasing the accuracy and speed of data-driven business insights, and by delivering measurable improvements in organizational performance and productivity. This will allow STC to deliver customized consumer campaigns and ultimately provide a unique customer experience.

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