Thai cyber-cops caught red-handed

Don Sambandaraksa
23 Apr 2015
Daily News

Thai netizens have been having a field day when the country’s blockpage for censored material - namey porn and anti-monarchist sites - was hijacked and redirected to a site selling sex toys, or so it seemed.

The problem started on Tuesday 21 April.

For years, anyone trying to access pornography or anti-monarchist posts would be redirected to a blockpage at, named after the Technology Crime Suppression Division. However, the TSCD said that they had nothing to do with the site said that their official site was

This means that for years, ISPs in Thailand have been sending users trying to access blocked pages to the website of a cyber criminal instead of the cyber police and that cyber-squatting criminal has only just decided to start monetising the not inconsiderable traffic that is sent their way.

As of Wednesday afternoon, TrueMove was still directing users trying to access pornography to though Dtac had instead null-routed its blocked pages.

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