Thai, US telcos offer free calls to France

16 Nov 2015
Daily News

Mobile operators in markets including Thailand offered free phone calls to France in the wake of the devastating terror attacks in Paris on Friday night.

AIS and Dtac both offered free calls over the weekend to customers in Thailand needing to check on friends and relatives in the city, the Bangkok Postreported.

AIS also allowed customers currently located in France the ability to call Thailand and make local calls in France for free over the two days.

Dtac offered a similar service, except it limited calls from France to Thailand to the equivalent of 1,000 baht ($27) of the roaming fee.

True Move meanwhile allowed free calls from France to Thailand, but not free calls from Thailand to France.

US operators T-Mobile USA, Sprint and Verizon all also agreed to offer free calls and text to France over the weekend in response to the tragedy.

Gunmen and bombers launched a co-ordinated series of terror attacks in Paris on Friday, killing at least 129 and injuring 350 others. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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