Thailand legislature passes new frequency act

01 Jul 2016
Daily News

Many NLA members also clashed on the composition of the NBTC board which will now be a unified board with 7 members instead of 11 with a telecoms and broadcasting sub-board. Many of the legislators feared that the changes in the criteria such as age and experience would lead to a board filled with career bureaucrats.

The selection process will see a 7-member committee (consisting of the chair of the country’s three courts, chair of the national anti-corruption commission, auditor-general, comptroller-general and governor of the bank of Thailand) to select 14 candidates to be sent to the upper house to vote on.

Earlier there was widespread concern over article 13 that would force the NBTC to comply with the Digital Economy Commission policy and article 19 that gave the DE Commission final say as to whether the NBTC had complied with their plans or not.

The new article 15 also allows for shared use of spectrum while articles 24 and 25 forces the NBTC to consider the greater good rather than just money when holding a spectrum auction.

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